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Claim Process

Claim Process

Contingency Fees are Only Paid After your Claim is Settled

If you decide to use my services, here are the fees which are capped by the Florida Department of Financial Services and underscored by Florida's Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Atwater.

Fees are paid on CONTINGENCY which means you pay nothing until we get your claim settled.

Florida Public Adjusters are prohibited from charging more than the capped amount:

  • No more than 20% on new (non state of emergency) or reopened or supplemental claims.
  • No more than 10% on any claim resulting from a declaration of state of emergency within the first year. (homeowner and condo association policies only)

I'm a firm believer in quality work, and that you get what you pay for,  On that front, I am aware that there are public adjusters out there who will reduce their fees to 5% in order to retain a new client.   It is my personal experience, however, that these people run their operation on the premise of volume and not necessarily quality.  They sign up as many people as possible, and overload themselves with work that they have no time for, resulting in dragged out claims, lowball settlement offers, and mediocre work.   I strive for perfection, which is a realistic expectation when you hire a public adjuster.

​If you are on the fence and trying to decide who to use, contact me and I would be willing to discuss the claim process and if necessary, "to an extent," work with you on my fees.  

Anyone who has ever gone through the expense and inconvenience of a property damage claim themselves can tell you that its no fun at all.  One of the most stressful parts of the process is receiving an estimate of damage from the insurance company, and soon fining out that there is no way that the repairs or replacements can be completed with the amount of money that was awarded.  And, often times, the insurance company encloses a check, with the estimate, which I think is a clever way the insurance company tries to finalize the deal.  When you take the check to the bank, what they are counting on is that you are accepting their offer as full and final.  By the way, this whole process up to this point is done with no negotiation.   What they do is come to your property, inspect, write an estimate, send you the paperwork and a check in the mail a month later with no discussion at all.  How fair is that?

On the other hand, when you use a public adjuster, which is your very own insurance adjuster, the insurance company has no choice but to acknowledge this outside estimate.  The insurance company will still create their own estimate, but at least there will be a negotiation and they will not rely solely on their estimate and estimator (who is employed be them) to decide on the extent and value of your claim. 

It is my goal to get a quick settlement for you, but many times, we just cannot agree.  If so, there is a process called appraisal, where myself and the insurance company adjuster get together and hash out our differences.  In the end, it is your claim and your damage, and you need all the money that is owed back to you to make you whole again.  I would never just accept what the insurance company offers.  You almost always end up getting an unfair deal if you leave it entirely up to the insurance company to determine what is owed.

If you call me at 954-659-8600 or 305-979-5549, I would be happy to go over it with you on the phone, and/or set up a time for a free inspection of your claim.

Dr. Alan Himmel