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What caused your roof to fail?  Was it a lightning strike, a tree landing on it, wind damage, hurricane?  Is there a physical hole in your roof which water is passing through?  Are there tiles or shingles missing?  These are important factors in determining roof coverage.  Insurance companies use specific rules to determine whether they are going to fix, replace, or deny your roof claim.  Either way, when your roof leaks, water will be coming into your home.

When a roof leaks, water comes down through the structures and can cause damage to your ceilings, walls, furniture, cabinets, and belongings.  This type of damage should be covered in almost any type of roof leak/water damage claim. 

However, the extent of the damage should be assessed by a professional with experience in determining the full scope of the claim.  

Your choice is to leave the damage estimate up to your insurance company adjuster, or you can have your own adjuster who is looking out for your best interest. What makes more sense?

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