In my experience, most homeowner insurance claims, involve water damage.  In fact, if I had to break it down, water damage claims comprise about 85% of the claims that I handle.  This is because there are many water related areas of your home or property, which have the potential to eventually fail, causing a water leak, which will inevitably cause damage.  I have handled water damage claims which arose from broken dishwasher water feed lines, refrigerator ice maker lines, shower pans, toilet, sink, underground pipes, air conditioner, and roof.  Any one of these water sources are sure to cause a huge mess in your home.

What many homeowners are unaware of, is the extent by which a small amount of water can damage adjacent structures in your house.  I call this collateral damage.   What I mean by this, is that there is almost always more damage than what meets the eye, and only an experienced insurance adjuster can evaluate and assess the total extent of your damage.

But, please don't for a minute believe that the best route to take is to trust that the insurance company adjuster will fairly judge your claim.  Remember, insurance company adjusters work for insurance companies.  They don't work for you.  They have an obligation to their employer to save them money. That's what they are being paid to do.

This is why I recommend you call my office.  You need an adjuster who is on YOUR side and will put YOUR best interest ahead of the insurance company's best interest.  Make sense?

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