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Windstorm/Hurricane/Tornado Damage

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As Floridians, we are thoroughly familiar with the hurricane. We know that these powerful storms cause some of the worst type of damage your home could endure. It is not uncommon for a hurricane or tornado to cause complete destruction of your property.  Although we haven't seen anything as bad as Hurricane Andrew in a very long time, even a category 1 hurricane, can cause significant destruction to your home.

​In 2016, the main storm to hit Florida was Hurricane Matthew.  This hurricane pounded the South Florida coastline and caused significant damage to homes and businesses.  When the dust finally settles, this storm probably will end up costing billions of dollars.

One of the most common types of damage is the lifting of roof tiles, damage to screen patio enclosures, rain water entering the home, damaging floors, drywall, cabinets.  

Don't go at this alone.  Usually, insurance companies handle these claims in a very predicable manner.  After the claim is submitted, they usually process the claim, paying pennies on the dollar, in order to get "some" money to the claimant so they can start putting things back together again. Usually, this money is not even close to being correct, although the insurance company is satisfied and plans on closing their file.

 We are a professionally run company who will always look out for your best interest.

If you suffered damage due to Hurricane Matthew or any other wind related or even a tornado, please call my office.  I will be happy to discuss the claim with you, and come and look at your property at no cost to you or obligation.

Dr. Alan Himmel 

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